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~ Beaver Dam Woodworking ~

Beaverdam Woodworks is an Amish owned and run business that specializes in Nautical Decor. We manufacture lighthouses, windmills, pier post, mailboxes and more....


Beaverdam Woodworking located in beautiful Honeybrook PA is an Amish owned and run Nautical Decor manufacturer.. We are happy to sell our products wholesale to dealers or retailers or directly to the public through our dealers.

We are happy to manufacturer many types of nautical decor including::

* Lighthouses

* Windmills

* Mailboxes

* Pier Post

* Row Boat Book Shelves

* Sailboat Planters

Please visit our website for additional information and products. Visit Beaverdam Woodworks.Com or call us directly at 610-276-2373.

We all know the quality offered by PA Dutch businesses. The PA Dutch Business Directory is committed to offering a variety of products that can be used both in your home or your business.

Beaverdam Woodworking


You may contact Beaverdam directly at 610 - 273 - 7656