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Canaan Grove Enterprises

249 Canaan Grove Road

Newmanstown, PA


Phone #

(717) 949-3087 ext. 3


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J&M Marketing Consultants

14B South 7th Street

Akron, PA 17501

























~ Canaan Grove Enterprises ~

Canaan Grove Enterprises is a PA Dutch Owned and Operated Business
Specializing in Solar Water Heaters

Canaan Grove Enterprises is a Pennsylvania Dutch company in Newmanstown PA, is a dealer of the most affordable solar water heaters and is certified by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation. These heaters are great for homes, milk houses, veal barns and more.

Canaan Grove Enterprises

Harness the energy of the sun. The most cost-effective way of going solar, is solar water heating. Water heating represents the largest portion of your utility bill. Canaan Grove Enterprises can satart saving you money today.

Contact us with any questions at (717) 949-3087 ext. 3.



D.H. Welding LLC is located at 459 Valley Road, Quarryville PA.

You may also call us with any questions at 717-806-0129