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D.H. Welding LLC

459 Valley Road

Quarryville, PA


Phone #

(717) 806-0129


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~ D.H. Welding LLC ~

D.H. Welding LLC is a PA Dutch Owned and Operated Business
Specializing in Farming Equipment

D.H. Welding LLC is a Pennsylvania Dutch company in Quarryville PA, that does general repairs and manufacturing of farming equipment. We specialize in 85 and 110 bushel ground drive spreaders along with chisel plows, stalk choppers, wood saws and more.

D.H. Welding Quarryville PA

We are a company dedicated to offering Quality Built Equipment. We manufacture all equipment at our facility therefore ensuring on-site quality control. Our goal is to provide equipment that will benefit the user for years to come.


110 bushel spreader
85 bushel spreader
110 Bushel, Ground Drive Spreader with Optional Slope Gate, Rubber Tires also available 85 Bushel Ground Drive Manure Spreader with Optional 2-wheel Front End, Rubber Tires also available
85 bushel spreader
60" flail mower
85 Bushel Ground Drive Manure Spreader
60" Flail Mower with Ductz Diesel, Works great to shred corn stalks for making corn fodder bedding. Also available with PTO for tractor pull. We also make a 72" for skid loaders and 96" & 120" with diesel & PTO.
3 tooth plow
3 tooth plow
3-Tooth, Minimum Till Chisel Plow. We also make this in a 3-point hitch model.
3-Tooth Minimum Till Chisel Plow. Can be used without 12volt hydraulic, then a long hose to go to tractor hydraulic.
3 point hitch
3-Point Hitch, Cordwood Saw (know as the Buzz Saw)


D.H. Welding LLC is located at 459 Valley Road, Quarryville PA.

You may also call us with any questions at 717-806-0129