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Glick's Animal Nutrition

63 Archery Road

New Providence, PA


Phone #

(717) 669-6774


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J&M Marketing Consultants

14B South 7th Street

Akron, PA 17501


























~ Glick's Animal Nutrition ~

Glick's Animal Nutrition is a PA Dutch Owned and Operated Business
Specializing in Conklin Fastrack Animal Products

Glick's Animal Nutrition is a Pennsylvania Dutch company in Lancaster PA, that specializes in animal nutrition. Over twenty-five years ago, visionary Conklin researcher Dr. Eugene Stearns developed the first animal probiotic to support the health and performance of food-producing animals. His ALL NATURAL formula of beneficial bacteria, yeast culture, and enzymes resulted helped milk, meat, and poultry production when fed – and became Conklin’s ‘SIGNATURE PRODUCT, ’Fastrack Microbial Pack.

Conklin Fastrack

Fastrack has gained industry recognition for continuous formulation improvement, which formed the basis of our comprehensive program of species-specific Fastrack products covering the entire Life Cycle.

Glick's Animal Nutrition is located at 63 Archery Road, New Providence, PA.

You may also call us with any questions at 717-669-6774