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Noble Road Milking equipment

1523 Kirkwood Pike

Kirkwood, PA 17536


Phone #

(717) 529-1226


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J&M Marketing Consultants

14B South 7th Street

Akron, PA 17501










~ Noble Road Milking Equipment ~

Noble Road Milking Equipment is a PA Dutch Owned and Operated Business
Specializing in Dairy Herd Health Supplies and Milking Equipment!

Noble Road Milking Equipment is a Pennsylvania Dutch company located in Kirkwood PA, and specializes in dairy herd health supplies, road milking equipment, milk house supplies, soaps, sanitizers, clippers, wormers, teat dips and more. We carry Westfalia, Delaval, Bou-Matic milking equipment along with new and used sputniks and a full line of sputnik parts.

Noble Road Milking Equipment Kirkwood PA

Noble Road Milking Equipment also specializes in Pulsator parts and repairs and stainless steel welding. We carry and install vacuum systems too.

Contact us with any questions at (717) 529-1226. Please call between the hours of 7-9am.