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A&S Lanters/Copy Mfg. Company

137B N. Harvest Road

Bird-in-Hand, PA


Phone #

(717) 768-8695


website operated by:

J&M Marketing Consultants

14B South 7th Street

Akron, PA 17501




~ A&S Lanterns/Copy ReMfg. Company ~

A&S Lanters/Copy ReMfg. Co. is a PA Dutch Owned and Operated Business
Specializing in Lantern Repair and Printer Repair.

A&S Lanterns/Copy ReManufacturing Co. is a Pennsylvania Dutch company in Bird-in-Hand PA, that specializes in HP Printer and Copier sales and service. We now remanufacture empty laser printer and copy machine toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges and more.

A&S Lanterns Bird-in-Hand PA

We are a company dedicated to offering quality sales and service. We manufacture all equipment at our facility therefore ensuring on-site quality control. We also specialize in camping lantern repairs. Contact us today.


A&S Lanters/Copy Mfg. Company is located at 137B N. Harvest Road, Bird-in-Hand PA.

You may also call us with any questions at 717-768-8695