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Wolf Rock Builders LLC

PO Box 9

Bart, PA


Phone #

(717) 786-1161


website operated by:

J&M Marketing Consultants

14B South 7th Street

Akron, PA 17501






~ Wolf Rock Builders LLC ~

Wolf Rock Builders is a Premier Amish Owned and Run Company That Specializes in Custom Design and Building of Residential and Light Commercial Homes and Buildings

Wolf Rock Builders is an Amish company building residential and light commercial homes and buildings. Regardless of the type of home you would like constructed, our specialist will sit with you to design the perfect home.

Amish Built Custom Homes - Custom Commercial Buildings

Regardless of the type home or commercial property you are planning, Wolf Rock Builders is happy to offer a consultation where we can discuss every aspect of your project. We understand that every client is different and looking for a structure that is going to fullfill very specific needs.

Our experts can help to design and build your beautiful home or business with an eye on every detail to assure a the perfect structure from the ground up.

Amish Custom Home - Lancaster PA


You may contact Wolf Rock Builders at 717-786-1161 with any questions about your project.